Pressure Grouting for Mooresville, NC

pressure grouting a cement slab to support and raise the monolithic concrete slab in home located in Mooresville, NC

Pressure grouting is used for foundation repair services and crawl space repair and to improve the soil and rock that the house or business is built on. It involves pumping cement into the soil underneath your home or business to level uneven slabs and also provide a sturdier foundation.

The North Carolina soil is the cause of many of the piedmont area’s foundation problems. Expansive clay soils expand and absorb more water than other soils and conversely contract during periods of drought, but pressure grouting can alleviate this issue. Pressure grouting can also be used to protect the existing concrete from leaks and water damage.


Pressure grouting is a very specialized technique and should only be attempted by those experienced in this skill. Lucky for you, Piedmont Foundation Repair is one of those specialists!
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