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BBB testimonial for Piedmont Foundation Repair

We love when customers compare us to the competition … why? Because we get to expose the nature of the foundation repair business … its not a one fix solution. Most foundation repair companies (the national chain types) specialize in one type of technique and use that to fix all foundation problems. It’s not that easy! Each job requires critical evaluation to determine the cause of the problem and the BEST techniques to resolve the problem – permanently. Most jobs quoted by the competition are sold by inexperienced, COMMISSIONED BASED salespersons that “follow the template” on how to sell the job, usually at the expense of the customer’s pocketbook and a permanent problem resolution. Michael Masserang, our partner that handles sales, has 20+ years of on-the-job experience and has seen and resolved hundreds of residential and commercial foundation problems using state-of-the-art repair techniques tailored to the job requirements.

Here is what a recent satisfied customer, Teri, had to say about Piedmont Foundation Repair:

I recently had an issue where part of the floor slab in my family room settled, leaving a ¾” ridge across the floor. I was very pleased with the work performed by Piedmont Foundation Repair. Initially I interviewed several foundation repair companies, including the one that pushes helical piers as the only correct solution. I was dismayed how quickly they decided the chimney was pulling away from the house and subsequently, without any engineering review, they quoted a very expensive repair. All they did was take a few measurements and some photos! After talking with three contractors, I decided the best course of action was to get an engineering evaluation. I called in a structural engineering firm to evaluate the problem and their recommendation was that the piers would not fix my issue but the best solution would be to use pressure grouting. They assure me the chimney was not pulling away and not to panic. The problem was caused by the slab settling and was not the result of any foundation issues. This confirmed what I had already been told by Mike Masserang of Piedmont Foundation Repair. I was very pleased when I asked the engineer’s for recommendations and Piedmont Foundation Repair was one of the companies they gave me. The quality of Piedmont’s workmanship and the professionalism of the entire crew were great. Chris, who is the owner as well as Greg, the lead on the second day both made me feel very confident the job was in good hands. They explained exactly what they were doing each step of the way and I am very satisfied with the final results.


Foundation Repair Testimonial – Better Business Bureau
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